Improve your game monetization by enabling eSports competitions.

eGoGames is a technology for Unity mobile games that creates a new revenue stream through eSports competitions, enabling a multiplayer mode (hosted on our servers) where users can face each other asynchronously in head-to-head matches, bracket tournaments or live-streamed events. With eGoGames technology, any developer can just create a gameplay and we will add our monetization layer resulting in a brand new game economy from scratch, reducing time and question marks (our average conversion rate to purchase is 5%).

eGoGames takes a commission for every eSport competition organized. This commission will be shared with the developer. eGoGames handles 100% of the activity so developers can just plug and play or collaborate in order to make custom Live-Ops events.

eGoGames provides fair competitions, 100% skill-based; in this way, users can win real money prizes. What we do is take the same gameplay seed for both users and get rid of any other random variable, making the skill of the player the only factor in order to get the victory.

What are the benefits?
1) Creates a new revenue stream through competitions.
2) NO Ads. Better User Experience.
3) Improves ARPDAU in existing games or it can be the only monetization system for new games.
4) A game with eGoGames SDK doesn't need a game economy which means faster development times.
5) Increases retention.

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