MANSION GAMES® is a indie video game development studio founded in 2018 on Palma de Mallorca by Víctor Fernández, Xavier Borrull and Mar Gallardo.

It is focused on the design of action and adventure video games, handmade builds with exciting stories, a lovely artistic design and lots of fun, under the influence of old school classics. A fusion that will reach the heart of the most nostalgic and will surprise the new generations of players.

Starting from a video game as a base product, aims to expand our universes in different formats and media like collector's edition, art books, comics, soundtracks, toys, merchandising.  Who knows? maybe one day you'll see us on Netflix. Sharing the whole process around a community fans to enjoy and grow together, taking advantages of the infinite possibilities that technology offers.

Mansion Games is in constant development and with help of Playstation Talents and Lanzadera we will be able to complete the development of Operation Highjump: The Fall Of Berlin, release it to market and take the fist step to validate our Transmedia business model and keep growing!

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    Mansion Studios SL
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    C/ Isaac Newton s/n Edifici Disset 2º C-11 (Parc bit)
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