Death By Misstep is a First-Person Horror / Stealth and Rhythm game set on a party cruise engulfed in a massive massacre by robots.


Play as Jessi as she tries to flee and survive the massacre by exploring the different locations in search of answers and a way out. Explore, hide, use the flash of your mobile while you follow the rhythm of the music so as not to be heard by the robots.


Enjoy an experience full of rhythm and terror like you've never seen before.

Can you survive and flee from a cruise ship full of malfunctioning robots on a techno music fueled killing spree?

What is this game? Here are some core details:

Combination of horror/stealth and rhythm
Takes place on a cruise designed for party marathons
Based on overcoming various mini games with different mechanics and combinations
Story told through secret messages and emails(In progress)
Gameplay focused on keeping the rhythm of your actions

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  • Platforms
    PC Windows
  • Genre
    Horror, Musical
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