ReadSpeaker’s Game Engine plugin for Unity and Unreal engine enables game developers to easily implement an embedded Voice User Interface (VUI) that speaks to gamers in real time.


Use it to prototype scenes with instant voice audio files, or produce in-game dialogue for your main characters or NPCs, or to power accessibility features—verbal menus, video descriptions, audio prompts, etc.


If you prefer to work in a different engine to Unity or Unreal Engine, ReadSpeaker provides the same high-performance neural voice capability for your custom game engine through the ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK.


ReadSpeaker is also a unique provider of white glove custom and ethically cloned voice design services based on voice actors or narrators specified by the customer. With a custom voice, game studios can secure a digital carbon copy of a unique character voice, and ensure continuity into the future, without needing to go back to the recording studio.


We provide TTS solutions for any type of application, from small-footprint neural synthetic speech to the latest end-to-end voices. Our flexible speech-engine technology matches any game’s technical requirements, with a variety of deployment options and a range of data footprints.


From the upstart indie platformer to the latest triple-A spectacle, ReadSpeaker TTS takes video game development to the next level.

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